2000 Heritage

I am a customer and just got done watching your three part series on the Softail belt replacement. Bravo!!!!!!!!!, awesome series and answered every question I had and then some in the series and very straight forward and clear as usual. I think it would be a awesome idea to bundle these up into DVD’s for purchase, a hard copy would be awesome and I would gladly pay. Keep in mind I never even changed my own oil and this past winter bought a lift and torn my softail down to the motor and Trans and replaced everything around it that I had been paying huge money to have done at various shops, but wasn’t. I took the service manual, a Clymer’s manual for more info, your cd series and bought a ton of tools from Jims and others as needed to be able to do everything properly jumped in with both feet. This included replacing the starter, cables, pipes, fluids, brakes, calipers and tons of chrome refresh. The one glaring thing left to do is I need compression releases since I have a 106 kit in my 2000 Heritage and it’s hard to start even with a brand new battery, 4 ga. Cables and an all balls 1.4 kw starter. I suspected this beforehand but was always told I didn’t need it, which would have been nice to have done since I had everything torn down. So what I have done in the meantime is to rock the bike in gear while off and then once past the compression stroke it turns right over and figured this would be better than tearing up my starter etc and since this seems to work well, I’m not sure if it’s worth it to tear it down and install compression releases. Thoughts? That would also been awesome to see on video is Bob installing compression releases start to finish on different motors. I have adjustable pushrods as well of course and have started researching what it’s going to take to do it myself. Looks pretty straight forward, just a little Leary of getting the pushrods correct upon reassembly, but I’ve gone this far so what the heck. For now , I want to ride, as I’m out in Illinois and my riding seasons aren’t that long and I haven’t really been able to ride much because of all the past issues with the bike for the last couple of years unfortunately. But your performance series on the softail is almost verbatim to how my bike is set up which is a S&S 106 kit with Andrews 50 gear drive cams, SE 44CV carb and super trap 2 into 1 pipes with scorpion clutch, so the video were right on the money and extremely helpful!!!! Thanks for your time and keep them coming. I have attached a few pictures of my bike and recently took first place, so I figure not bad for a 2000 with 75,000 miles and a guy that didn’t know much. J
Thanks and keep up the awesome work!