2001 Road King

I have had only great experience’s and have learned tons of things about my 2001 Road King. Fix My Hog is really like having an instructor right there in my shop. Although I don’t do much involved work on my bike myself, I stick to the routine maintenance like changing fluids and making adjustments to brakes, clutch, tire pressure and the like. I do now have the knowledge to describe issues to the service men at the shop and feel confident that what they relay to me is what I want and/or need, that alone is worth far more than the small fee to belong to Fix My Hog.

I have developed a new routine when I set down with my morning cup of coffee. I watch at least one premium video every morning. I think I can retain the info better that way. You know, before my brain gets bombarded with the daily crap we all have to deal with. So thanks and now I am off to go ride some of the wonderful roads we have here in Oregon!