2005 Road King Classic

My wife was considering implants, I thought that would be awesome, My neighbors wife’s look GREAT. Then I got thinking, what if and when I do something to make her mad, they would likely be off limits. But if I spent the money on a Harley, It would never be mad at me, I could cuddle with her any time I wanted, and she would never ever push me away when I did something bone headed. I knew it was meant to be when I walked into the dealer one day and there she was, all long legged with those white walls begging me to take her, it was the experience just like on National Lampoons Christmas vacation when Clark and his family walk into the clearing to get their Christmas tree and when they see it, it gets lit up with a heavenly light and the angelic choir sings, oh let me testify brothers and sisters. 7 years and 49k miles later she still makes my heart pound, looking as sexy as the day I brought her home.

Kevin B from UT