2008 Fatboy / 2014 Electra Glide Ultra

Hi FMH, I’m originally from Minnesota, currently living and working here in Stuttgart, Germany. Been here on and off since 1997. In the army till 2001, got out and took up the contractor jobs. Been riding since I was 13 (1975). Old man was a hog rider from way back. Got my first hog in ’08 and that’s the pic I sent you, one of them anyway. Watched a video just now on the handlebar replacement – very helpful. Haven’t had time to catch too many of the videos yet, but I will. I just joined the other day and love the site! Looking to change out my handlebars on my 2008 Fatboy as they’re kinda bent from a spill back in 2010. Thanks again Dennis – great site!!

Rob B – Germany