2008 Street Glide

Hello, I have the pleasure of owning two bikes a 1973 FLH, and a 2008 Street Glide. The shovel I had since 1988 that I had picked up in Columbia, South Carolina. The story on this one is when I bought it I stripped it down to rebuild. Had the motor and trans rebuilt by local shop in Augusta, Georgia. (PANCAKE) I did the rest of the work myself. It was a good everyday runner. Then I moved back up to South Chicago suburbs. It was about 2000 and was going through a divorce and I was thinking of getting a new Harley. I remember going down to the dealer and looking at a new Dresser. As I came home and pulled into the garage and looked at the old shovel I couldn’t pull the trigger. I decided to rebuild the Shovel again. I was going to have the motor and trans rebuilt and do the rest like I did before. One problem with the divorce I was working a lot and really didn’t have time. Once the motor was done I got a quote on them finishing the assemble. The main thing I learned was I lost touch with the Shovel by having them do this I had to reacquaint myself back with this bike. I punched it out (stroker) and as you know there is always something to tinker with. If I had to do over, I would have left it stock. I would like to turn it into a Bobber. Then I did get the itch for a new bike and bought a 2008 Street Glide. Did a west coast run in 2011 something like 6,000 miles in 14 days even had to buy a gel pad in California. I am retired now (63) and have more time to ride and work on the bikes. Do have some thoughts of selling both and buying a new Road Glide. Thanks for letting me tell my story.
Ken R