2009 FXDC

Here is a picture of my (Herb) and my brother’s (Ed) Harleys. I have a 2009 FXDC and my brother has the red 1997 FXD. Excellent trip (7000 Km round trip) to Deal’s Gap and back to Newfoundland, Canada.

We did all the necessary preparation of the bikes and the services that would come up – checked and adjusted cables, belt, nuts and fasteners. Changed all the oils and filter, changed spark plugs, greased/lubed/oiled where necessary. Changed the rear tires (fronts were changed not long ago and had plenty of wear left. I figured do all the services that are required in 10,000 km.

Thanks to FMH, my bike is running great and I have all the confidence in myself (and some DVDs) that it will run that way for years.

Herb J