2009 SE Road Glide

Thanks for this opportunity to share a brief part of my story. First of all, bought my 2009 SE Road Glide used in 2010 with 2272 miles on it from my local dealer. In 2013, I upgraded my engine to a Revolution 113 cu. in. Aluminum cylinder motor, 10:5-1 jugs, S&S 585 cam, a 58 mm (w/Red Band injectors) intake for my TBW intake and a Bassani 2-1 exhaust. Needless to say its not the mild mannered bike HD had in mind; I can assure you of that. Being an old school Carburetor wrench type jug jockey. I have found that this new age Fuel Injection and ECM module has had me scratching my head trying to get the right tune and fuel ratio’s synchronized a living nightmare. Thankfully the boys at Thunder Max are helping me to get caught up and teaching this old dog a few new tricks! I have watched a few of, “Fix My Hog”, videos so far and its been helpful. Matter of fact, their video on wheel bearing replacement motivated me to replace both front and rear wheel bearings before this years riding season begins in a few weeks as I am preparing for Laughlin the end of this month. Since I didn’t have the right tools to do the bearing replacement I had my local HD shop do the repairs for me. Sadly, when I picked up my bike the motor was popping and snorting so badly I barely made it home. After some investigating I determined someone shorted out my ECM. After a few hours of re-downloading my map and fixing some defaults; DT’s, I was able to correct it. Seems some HD mechanic’s have never been trained to remove the ECM and Main Breaker fuse’s before they disconnect the battery? At least that’s what I’m thinking anyway? Anyway, the Revolution guys in Plymouth, WI are the greatest and their products are the best. Andrew and Cody are really great guys to work with during this project. I recommend them, “Highly”! Thanks again for coming up with your repair video’s, they’re a great help, even for a guy whose been around the barn a few times!

Sincerely, Clyde George