2010 Road King

Hi Dennis,
I’m going to take a more global approach to my input. I’ve been a rider for 34 years, have owned 4 Harley’s (81-Sportster, 82-Sturgis, 91-Softail Deluxe & 2010 Road King), ride daily and enjoy many long distance rides each year. I can say that while having the “cool” factor our bikes are expensive to buy, repair and maintain. In this regard the MoCo has not always helped when it’s come to designing reliable parts, being honest and putting customers first (the 4-5 iterations of the compensator hits my mind first then cam shoes and on and on).

With all this in mind the core of what attracted me to your service was in helping us better understand our bikes (demystifying the mechanics), highlighting common issues and teaching us how to repair our scoots. No matter what else FMH may do you should never move away from your core as it’s this education and cost-savings that makes it worthwhile. On this note I think covering more issues, covering certain issues in greater detail, perhaps having a downloadable and detailed PDF we can take to our bikes after we’ve watched the associated video and “maybe” offering a mechanics help-line if issues should arise with the repair and possible partnering with independent shops that have met the standards of FMH.

Anyway, these are just some ideas from one rider to another :-).
All the best,
RK Dan