2012 Road King

I recently purchased the Fix My Hog premium membership during the Sturgis special. I have a 2012 Harley Road King and I was looking at a $500 bill for my 20k mile service. I have been out of work and under-employed for the last year, so every penny counts these days. So I am working through the service myself and so far I have changed all three oils and greased the steering head bearing. I kept the laptop near my side the whole time and used the FMH videos to guide me along. I have to say the video instruction was spot on and very helpful. The bad news is a few days after I had some warranty work done, a guy in a four wheel drive jacked up Ford F-150 backed into my bike in a parking lot. Now it is sitting in the shop waiting on his insurance to fix it. I am looking forward to finishing the service with FMH along side when I get it back. I have attached a picture of me and the bike before and after.
Ken R