2014 Street Glide Special

I have been wrenching cars for about 20 years now. I bought my first Harley Davidson, a 2014 Street Glide Special brand new. July 1st of 2015 was my first day of retirement. I wanted to make sure that I treated this ride right and have all services done by the dealership. I noticed that I did not have the same connection with my scooter as I did with my cars. Now that I’m retired, I have the time to commit toward servicing my scooter. Your videos relieved my anxiety about wrenching my own bike. Also, your explanations contribute hand and hand with the service manual as well. Now I change my fluids with confidence. I really like the items that are endorsed with complete instructions for installation as well. This is my first year as a subscriber and “Fix My Hog” has been an invaluable tool with my bike wrenching exploration. Keep the videos coming and we will be there to watch and wrench with confidence.
Aubrey E. T