Military Family

Here’s a photo of my son, USAF Maj. Andrew Phillips (the bigger, young guy); and me next to my black FLHPI on a road trip we took before he deployed to Iraq in 2008. He rode up from Little Rock, AR and I rode SW from Acton MA and we met at the H-D plant in York PA. Took the tour, rode out to Gettysburg PA battlefield, and on to Wright-Patterson AFB for a tour of the USAF museum. We split up there to return home and that was one of the toughest moments of my life. He did his third tour and now his son and my grandson just began his tour in Iraq as an Airman 1st Class.
I wanted you to know all this because I believe that the Harley family is the last vestige of what made America great and you are playing an important part in keeping that heritage alive.
Ride safe.
Leonard A. Phillips – Acton, MA