Follow the Crooked River at Cuyahoga Valley National Park

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If someone ever tells you the American Midwest isn’t a place for adventure seekers, kindly point them in the direction of Cuyahoga Valley National Park, and tell them to set aside some vacation time in October. Awash in magnificent fall colors, the rolling hills and sprawling floodplains make Cuyahoga Valley a bucket list item for anybody who cherishes Mother Nature’s impeccable handywork. Come along with us as we take a virtual tour of this serene and lushly historic national treasure.
Cuyahoga Valley National Park: Autumn’s richest hues on full display
Spanning nearly 33,000 acres between Cleveland and Akron, the Cuyahoga Valley is a sight to behold year round, but in fall this former trade tributary to the outside world bursts with some of Earth’s most peaceful imagery and sounds. Those who visit Cuyahoga River to bike, hike and unwind are in for a rare treat in the form of visual and audible sensation.

Watch the leaves change and drop from their trees. Listen to the various bird species sing their hearts’ content. Feel and witness the history of the Crooked River as you wind the tracks of Cuyahoga Valley Railroad, one of the United States’ oldest, longest and most scenic railways. Take it all in before the cold really sets in and the colors subside in anticipation of winter. And don’t laugh if your friend says, “You gotta go to Ohio!”

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