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Electrical Troubleshooting Session 5: Crank Position Sensor

Bad crank position sensors are probably the most common reason for no spark on the Twin Cam motors. If your Check Engine light comes on and you retrieve a crank position sensor code, consider yourself lucky. Don’t press your luck. Purchase and install a new sensor before your next ride. More commonly, a crank position sensor will fail for the 1st time upon a start-up. When this occurs, there is usually no error code to reference. You will not have any clue as to which electrical component is failing. It could be the crank position sensor, coil, ECM, TSSM, fuel pump, a dead short……

If you do determine that your Harley does not have spark, Mike demonstrates a great place to start testing. Test your crank position sensor. A good sensor should have between 600 and 1200 ohms. Unfortunately, this does not mean that the sensor will still be within spec when the motorcycle is at operating temperature. This makes a crank position sensor a good item to replace as preventative maintenance.