GOLD Event: Handlebar Fabrication

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Duration: 1:28:06

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Nate Beck brings Fix My Hog GOLD members into his shop and demonstrates how to fabricate handlebars for your build or existing motorcycle. He keeps the tools and materials simple so you can do it at home.

Class Outline
o Discuss metal tubing selection
o Discuss tools needed
o Discuss overall handlebar style and what is needed to accomplish – A mandrel bender is typically used to bend tubing. Due to the cost of mandrel benders, we will be cutting and welding, which can easily be done in a home shop.
o Cut tubing
o Discuss weld prep
o Discuss weld basics
o Tack handlebars together and check measurements
o Weld handlebars
o Drill the hole for internal wiring
o Discuss grinding basics


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