FMH LIVE: Nate Beck Interviews Matt Walksler


One of the largest collections of antique and rare Harley Davidson motorcycles and memorabilia lies in the heart of America at Dale’s Wheels Through Time Museum. The museum is home to over 350 rare American motorcycles and the best part is, they all run. Wheels Through Time was first opened on July 4th, 2002 by father-son duo Dale and Matt Walksler, and since then has never stopped growing. Commonly seen on American Pickers, Dale and Matt have become icons in motorcycling for their knowledge of vintage iron.

Watch our Live Event from the Wheels Through Time Museum as Fix My Hog’s Nate Beck sits down with Matt Walksler to talk about the history behind the museum and how they learned to keep so much American history running down the road.

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    • Dennis Santopietro
      Dennis Santopietro

      Hi Frederick, Yes we have a 6 part series coming out later this summer with WTT and the HD museum.