Harley Cruise Control Diagnostics

Duration: 2:27

If your Harley cruise control has an issue, there is an interactive cruise diagnostic test that can be performed on the motorcycle without the need or aid of any diagnostic service scan tools or computer.

The Harley cruise control function is governed by the motorcycle’s ECM. The ECM monitors the vehicle speed sensor (VSS) to establish the bike’s current speed. The ECM then modulates the throttle control actuator to maintain a constant vehicle speed. When cruise control is enabled, the orange cruise lamp will change to green. The ECM monitors the engine RPM and the output signal from the vehicle speed sensor. Then, the ECM signals the throttle control actuator to open or close the throttle to keep the speedometer output speed signal constant.

The ECM will automatically disengage an active Harley cruise control mode if it receives one of the following input signals:

– Front brake is applied
– Rear brake is applied
– Throttle is rolled forward (throttle roll off/ cruise disengage command)
– Clutch lever is engaged
– Wheel slip is detected (an ECM detected jump in RPM)
– Pressing cruise switch
– SET/- switch is held in until the motorcycle speed drops below thirty miles per hour
– RESUME/+ switch is held in until motorcycle speed goes above ninety three miles per hour.

Bob and Mark give us a sequence demonstration for entering and moving through the cruise diagnostic mode. The illuminated amber/orange cruise light changes to green for every tested function.

If your Harley cruise control is not functioning correctly, you may have one of the following conditions to pursue:

– Throttle position faults P0120 & P0220
– Vehicle Speed Sensor faults P0501 & P0502
– Cruise control switch failure
– Front or Rear brake switch failure
– Throttle position error P2135
– Flash memory error P0605
– ETC limited performance mode

The most common reason for inoperative or intermittent cruise failure is from a broken or misaligned front brake switch. If your cruise is not working, look behind you. See if your brake light is stuck on. Could be an easy fix.

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14 Responses to “Harley Cruise Control Diagnostics”
  1. Rick Hodne
    Rick Hodne

    I have a 2008 Ultra and this procedure doesn’t seem to do anything on my bike. What years is this procedure good for? (When I hit a series of mild bumps my cruise kicks out, and I get both front and rear break error codes. The dealer has no clue)

  2. Stu

    Recently I had an issue with cruise control on 2017 Ultra Glide when the gear position indicator developed a fault. The display would no longer show which gear the bike was in. It would only display a neutral light and when riding cruise control could not be activated. It was only fixed after the sensor was replaced. Just some fyi. Nice site btw..

  3. Mark

    how can I check the rest
    I checked the front and back brake switches and the set and resume switch and the clutch switch and the control modueal with the cable on it that goes to throttle
    but my cruise control still will not engage on my 2007 Harley electra glide ultra classic touring

  4. jblass

    I have a 2013 Anniversary Road King. I was on a trip last year and the cruise disengaged while riding and has not worked since. Should the procedure you outline to show cruise trouble codes work on a 2013 Road King. The reason I ask is that I have tried them and they do not seem to work on my bike.

  5. francissonnier

    RK I followed the video and all checks where good. But on my last ride I would set the cruise control lamp would go to green and hold for a few seconds the kick out and go to red. Any suggestions?

  6. ram1215eem

    I have a P 1502 error code and a Jiffy Stand error going through my display. I can’t engage cruise control.

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hello Robert,

      Great question! I will need more information to get that question answered. What is the year, make and model of your bike?


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  7. pjcadwell

    I’ve got an 05 Ultra Classic Electra Glide. The cruise control switch powers the cc light, can’t set cruise. Brake light does not flicker or stay on. What do I need to check next?