Harley-Davidson® Headlight Replacement

Duration: 2:02

Larry asked us via Facebook about using an automotive headlight bulb in his Harley-Davidson. Bob had a chance at our video shoot to answer the question.

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7 Responses to “Harley-Davidson® Headlight Replacement”
  1. Larry Eidell
    Larry Eidell

    Thank you for the information.I did find out the “Automotive” bulb I put in did indead put the beam to the ground.Larry Eidell

  2. Dan Lindberg
    Dan Lindberg

    Larry, bulbs don’t “know” anything.. they are inanimate objects, and please stop yelling at the camera.. its annoying.

    • FixMyHog

      Dan – I think someone says that in the video? Larry asked the question Bob is the one with the loud voice.

  3. Deaf Now
    Deaf Now

    WHY ARE YOU YELLING? ( You no longer need to apply for the Incredible Hulk acting position ) If Larry doesn’t know what bulbs fit in what vehicle, then Larry should go back to his tricycle and girlie streamers! We are Men aren’t we? we talk H1, H3, H4 type globes, We talk HID and LED and we “Don’t ” touch normal globes with our fingers do we now? Come on FMH.. I’ve just fitted Harley Day Lights to my first hog, get with the times!