• Harley Valve Replacement

    Harley Fuel Valve Replacement

    I Still Have a Carburetor! Every carbureted Harley Davidson has a Harley fuel valve or aftermarket one. This valve allows the rider to control the on/off delivery of fuel to the carburetor. The fuel valve also has a reserve position that helps the rider to monitor fuel quantity, and can be used as a fail…

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  • Motorcycle Compression Test

    Harley Motorcycle Compression Test

    Know Before You Invest In this video, Bob takes us through a compression test on a Twin Cam motor. The motorcycle in this video has sustained damage due to an accident. It is already known that the frame will need to be replaced. It is, also, important to know the status of the motor before…

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  • Harley Fuel Pressure Tester

    Using a Harley Fuel Pressure Tester

    Poor fuel economy, hesitation, cutting out, and no start are all symptoms of improper fuel pressure. In this video, Mike walks us through the use of a Harley Davidson fuel pressure tester gauge to identify the fuel pressure on your Harley motorcycle. There are a handful of reasons that an injected fuel system may have…

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  • harley intake seals

    Twin Cam Harley Intake Seals Replacement

    No matter what year or model you own, it is inevitable that one day you will need to change your Harley intake seals. There are a number of reasons why Harley intake seals will fail. Most common reason for seal deterioration is age. These seals are constantly expanding and contracting due to extreme cylinder head…

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  • Harley Fuel Filter Removal on a Softail Dyna | FMH

    Harley Fuel Filter Removal on a Softail or Dyna

    Twin Cam Harley fuel filter removal is one of the most important service items to keep on top of. Your year and model manual will tell you when it is recommended. If it recommends performing a fuel tank filter replacement at 25,000 miles, it does not take into account where you have been riding and…

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  • Harley Fuel Filter Replacement on a Softail Dyna | FMH

    Harley Fuel Filter Install on a Softail or Dyna

    Twin Cam Harley fuel filter replacement is one of the most important service items to keep on top of. We cleaned and replaced most of the fuel filter parts on the bench. Before it all goes back into the tank Bob takes a look inside the tank to make sure no debris have gathered in…

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  • Harley Davidson Master Cylinder Rebuild (Rear)

    Harley-Davidson® Master Cylinder Rebuild (Rear)

    Bob LaRosa shows us the step-by-step process on rebuilding the rear Harley-Davidson® master cylinder. Why would this need to be done? The metal inside the cylinder can start to breakdown and/or the component may start to leak. You may notice that even after bleeding your brakes you still get a spongy lever. This procedure can…

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  • Harley Master Cylinder – Rebuild

    Harley Master Cylinder – Rebuild

    This video shows you how to rebuild a Harley master cylinder. Bob LaRosa works on the 9/16 bore front master cylinder. Get started by removing the cover and any residual fluid or debris. Take everything apart and compare the old to the new parts to make sure you have everything that you need. Related Videos:…

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  • Harley 4 Piston Caliper Rebuild

    4 Piston Front Caliper

    This video covers rebuilding a Harley four-piston caliper. It is very important to have all your tools and new parts on hand. Compare the old parts with the new to make sure you have every thing you need. Take your time and work clean. Related Videos: Twin Cam: Rear Brake Pads and Calipers Rear Caliper…

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