• Spectro Oil

    Fix My Hog’s host, Bob LaRosa, provides us with some great information about Spectro Oil in this product review. Spectro has been formulating, packaging and marketing premium lubricants since it was founded by Robert H. Wehman in 1966. Learn more about Spectro Performance Oils.

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  • Overview of the Harley Davidson Fuse Box

    Don’t get confused with motorcycle fuses. Let’s take a look at a Harley Davidson fuse box. We’ll look at where the fuses are and what you can do to test them. The Harley-Davidson electrical system can be intimidating but we have a multi-hour project here on Fix My Hog to make it easy to understand.…

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  • How to Install a Starter on a Motorcycle

    Bob reviews how to install a starter on a motorcycle and some of the safety issues we need to be concerned about. Related on Topic Videos: Removing Harley Starter and Speed Sensor Location Harley Davidson Transmission Removal Chrome Inner Primary Removal Procedure – Removing Pinon Gear / Jackshaft to Remove Starter Harley Starter Clutch Replacement…

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  • UltraCool Oil Coolers

    Keeping Your Cool with UltraCool Oil Coolers. Bob gives us a great introduction to heat transfer and dissipation. He shows us an oil cooler and tools needed to install one on your motorcycle. We even added an animation that shows how it works internally. Check it out. Now install it with our installation video.

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  • How to use Loctite Products on a Harley

    Loctite says to ONLY Ride With Loctite Applied. Bob gives us a walk-through of some of the Loctite products and how to use Loctite products on a Harley Davidson. This example is a demo using Blue Threadsealant. Related Videos: How to use Loctite products on a Harley video Loctite Epoxy Mixer Cups and Fairing Repair…

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  • Deutsch Connectors

    The name might be hard to pronounce but Bob shows us how easy it is to work with them. Have the right tools and patience and get to it. Updated video to define Deutsch Connectors a little better. Another great article in the July 2013 issue of American Iron Magazine. Be sure to check your…

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  • Sportster Rear Belt Removal & Replacement

    When my dad said he was taking out his belt, we would run for the hills. When Bob and Mark say it, all come near and watch. In this 95-minute video, they show us how to remove and replace the rear belt on the Harley-Davidson Sportster. The final belt can last a long time, mileage…

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  • Harley Motorcycle Detailing Tips

    For the first time since 2004 Mark speaks. If you have been with us over the years, you would have noticed a sort of Penn & Teller thing going on with Bob & Mark. Mark breaks his silence to give us his Harley motorcycle detailing tips and tricks.

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  • Harley Davidson Belt Removal on a Touring Model

    Part 1 of the Harley Davidson Belt Removal on a Touring Model. This is the longest procedure we have done to date. The belt removal and replacement videos are over 2 hours and 48 minutes. You will need to review some of the maintenance & performance videos and read your factory service manual before getting…

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