• FLHX fairing install

    Here’s a look at the Road Glide fairing installation. Bob takes you through the steps to successfully re-install the fairing and shows you how to ensure everything is aligned properly and cables are reattached correctly. Grab a buddy for this step – you’ll need two sets of hands. Related Video: Road Glide Fairing Removal Electra

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  • A Clean Harley Means Removing Bugs

    Bob reviews an easy way to have a clean Harley by washing away those big bug splatters on your windshield and faring. Related Videos: Harley Motorcycle Detailing Tips Chrome Polishing Tips & Techniques Motorcycle Windshield Tips A Clean Harley Means Removing Bugs

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  • Hollister Rally CA - It's a Lifestyle

    Update: July 2013 the City of Hollister marked the comeback of the Hollister Rally. Sounds like it went well and the Hollister City Council has signed a 10-year agreement to host the rally every July. Game on – Ride & Rock On. We have been to almost every Harley-Davidson rally in this great country and

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  • Harley Evolution Stator and Regulator Rectifier Review: Pre 1999

    Bob discusses the components of the Evolution Stator and Regulator Rectifier charging system for Sportster model years 1999 and older. He talks about what each part does, shows how they fit together and points out things that you should look for if the system isn’t working correctly.

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  • Harley Charging System Checks: Pre 1999

    Bob teaches you about the charging system on your Softail or Dyna, and demonstrates the best way to check and test that it is working properly. He shows you tests for the regulator plug, regulator, AC output and regular and high levels of ohms resistance.

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  • Harley-Davidson Oil Change on an Evolution

    Harley-Davidson oil change for your Evolution engine. Step one is find the drain plugs.

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  • Harley Davidson Brake Caliper and Pad Service: Pre 1999

    Bob demonstrates the step-by-step process for servicing the front caliper and brake pads on a pre-1999 Harley Davidson Softail or Dyna. He shows you how to remove, clean and replace all of the individual parts in the brake system. Next Video: Harley Rear Brake Caliper and Pad Service – Pre 1999

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  • Harley Rear Brake Caliper and Pad Service - Pre 1999

    Bob demonstrates the process for servicing the rear calipers on a pre-1999 edition of the Harley Softail or Dyna. He shows you how to carefully remove, clean and replace the components of the caliper assembly. Be very careful when tightening and torqueing bolts, and consult your user manual if you are uncertain at any point.

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