• How to replace rear brake pads on a Harley-Davidson

    Bob and Mark show you how to replace rear brake pads on your Touring model if necessary. This Evo caliper is easy to work with. They teach you to be careful when applying lubrication to the caliper system that you only use a little bit of grease and anti-seize. Otherwise you can contaminate the brake and lose stopping power, which leaves you at risk for an accident.

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  • Evolution Front Brake Calipers & Pads

    Bob and Mark demonstrate the step-by-step process for servicing and replacing the front caliper and brake pads on your Touring model. They teach you when a pad should be changed or how much life it has left. Be sure to thoroughly clean and lubricate parts when necessary, the little details can drastically affect the current condition and longevity of your bike.

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  • Front Fork Service 41mm Conventional Front Forks

    Bob and Mark teach you how to quickly and precisely change the oil on a 41-mm conventional style air-suspended FL front fork for a Touring model. This particular bike has an air-suspended system in which you can pump air to the handlebar reservoir and control fork suspension.

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  • Removing the outer fairing from a Harley-Davidson

    Bob and Mark remove a Evolution style front fairing. They note the differences and that we should take time to remove the trim ship on the headlight and the bolts that sit behind the it that hold the inner and outer fairing together. You’ll have to remove several more bolts to remove the faring. Next…

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  • Understanding the Harley-Davidson battery & charging system

    Unless you have a kick-start, you’ll need a battery to get your Harley started and to keep it functional. Bob shares some tips on battery replacement and upkeep. Batteries have come a long way since we shot this video. HD makes a great one but make sure to check out Yuasa and the lighter longer…

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  • Harley-Davidson Air Cleaner Installation

    Bob reminds us to cover all chrome and painted pieces when working to replace the air filter on this Harley-Davidson Dyna. Remove cover and place chrome side up in a safe place. Remove the air cleaner cover bracket and note location for re-install. Remove tubes and element and save tubes for install on the aftermarket…

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  • Turn Signal Brake Light Module Conversion Kit

    Here’s a fast and easy install to help you stay visible on the road.

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  • Draining Fuel & Fuel Tank Filter (Early Models)

    Bob demonstrates the proper technique for draining fuel from the fuel tank on your early TC 88 Touring model. He also teaches you how to maintain the fuel valve and clean the fuel tank filter once you’ve drained and refilled the tank.

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  • Checking the air suspension on Harley-Davidson shocks

    Bob shows a quick service to the air suspension that we can do before any ride. He also reviews the fuse box and why replacing a blown fuse might be a bigger issue.

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