• Custom Headlight & Passing Lamp Removal & Install

    Bob and Mark remove a stock Harley-Davidson headlight and passing lamp set-up to install a custom set. Bob notes this is the time to switch out the headlight bulb if need be and keep all your stock wiring intact, don’t just cut it out. From there we go to the bench to wire the custom passing lamps set-up. Mark helps strip, cut, solder and shrink wrap the new wire connections. They install the new setup making sure all connectors work and that the hardware is tight. Nacelle installed and all parts cleaned they show us how the new set-up looks and operates.

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  • Custom Exhaust Installation

    With the new air intake installed and cleaned, Bob starts the custom exhaust install. New gaskets and mounting brackets go on first. Mark brings in a Mean Mothers exhaust with new flanges and clips. Working together they align the pipe and bolt it on. Exhaust and shields in place they clean up any unwanted fingerprints.…

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  • Custom Exhaust #2

    Bob has a Road King on the rack to show us stock exhaust removal and how to install a performance exhaust for added horsepower. He removes the exhaust flange nuts front and rear. Working top to bottom, off come the stock mounts and retaining bolts. Mark holds the weight of the exhaust as Bob removes floorboard to finish the removal. Bob installs new exhaust gaskets, preps hardware with Loctite where needed and Mark brings in the performance exhaust with new flanges and clips for install.

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  • Clutch Cable Completion of Installation

    Bob installs the clutch cable into the lever and into the perch. He removes any stickers and refills the transmission with fluid. He installs the dipstick and checks fluid level. He finishes the clutch cable install by adjusting the clutch and making sure all clips are in place.

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  • Installing Jet Kit & Thunderslide on a Harley-Davidson

    Bob removes a stock Harley-Davidson CV carburetor and brings it to a bench for a jet kit and thunderslide install. With the skills of a surgeon, Bob walks us through taking apart the CV carburetor, installing a new jet and thunderslide. Take your time watch him work through it a few times before you go to it. After seeing him do it, you’ll know why he likes carburetors instead of EFI.

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  • Custom Brake Line Installation

    Bob rounds out the custom clutch and throttle cable install with braided brake lines. Make sure you know what brake fluid is in your motorcycle. Mark removes the old fluid as Bob removes the stock brake lines. Save your hardware for re-install. Bob and mark route the new brake lines and make
    sure they do not bind and stay in place. New washers and banjo bolts are a must. Thread the banjo bolts into the master cylinder with touch of Loctite threadsealant. They bleed the brakes to finish this custom brake line installation to make sure they have firm brake lever feel.

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  • Custom EFI Mapping Install #2

    Bob has a Harley on the rack that already has a custom exhaust and air intake installed. The motorcycle is not performing well because the ECM / EFI was not remapped. Bob removes saddlebags and side cover so we can see the ECM. He removes the ECM connects the Power Commander to it with a little dielectric grease and re-installs the ECM. Keep everything tie wrapped so it stays in place. He tunes the ECM by mapping the Power Commander on the computer. There can be many maps for your motorcycle set-up. It’s easy to try one and test till you find the right one.

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  • Custom EFI Mapping Installation

    Bob and Mark install a Power Commander to custom map this Harley after a custom exhaust and air intake. They remove the battery and remove the battery box to properly install the Power Commander. Take your time and only cut the tie wraps that you have to. They have to level the relay box to install this PC since this model has a custom rear fender, check your model and install instructions. Battery back in and they use a little dielectric grease to install the PC plug into the ECM and back to the factory harness. Once the PC is in place they download a map to it for the custom set up from the computer.

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  • Chrome Inner Primary Removal Procedure

    Some riders cannot get enough chrome. To get the Harley inner primary off is a big procedure and safety is a must. The battery negative cable has to be removed from the battery. We drain the fluids then go to work removing the covers, starter, pinion gear, compensating sprocket, primary chain, and clutch.

    We advise you take your time and label your way in and out of the Harley inner primary project. Take some pictures along the way. Have all your parts laid out on the bench and double check your work.

    Review all the videos on our site about this procedure as some things have changed over the years, have your manual handy abd also see Touring Rear Belt install. Bob installs the chrome inner primary cover and has the Harley ready for the rest of the install.

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