• High Performance Clutch Install & Custom Primary Cover

    Bob LaRosa gives us a nice review of the performance clutch set up and the differences over the years. From show and tell to show and install, Bob takes apart the stock clutch springs, plates, fibers, steels and basket. He presses out the old clutch hub and presses the new clutch hub in. We are dealing with springs have safety glasses handy. He walks us through a detailed and complete reinstall on the bench and then into the motorcycles.

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  • Custom Clutch Cable #2 / Fuel Tank, Gauge & Clutch Cable Removal

    Bob and Mark put a Fatboy on the table lift today to demonstrate the installation of a Goodridge front brake line, custom Wimmer air cleaner and Headwinds chrome parts (including a 7” headlight with custom bulb). You’ll have to remove the bike seat and fuel tanks and unplug the dashboard components. They then teach you how to install a Barnett performance clutch cable and actuate the transmission.

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  • High Performance Carburetor Kit

    Carbs — not the kind you eat and we do not want a carb free diet. Bob reviews a high performance carburetor kit. The kit comes with a carburetor, intake and high intake air cleaner. You will have to use some stock parts and new gaskets. Watch as Bob installs each part to bring some extra horsepower to this Harley.

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  • Installing a custom clutch cable on a Harley

    Bob and Mark demonstrate the proper technique for installing a Barnett clutch cable on a Harley Softail model. Bob discusses some of the precautions you should take when putting the cable in and adjusting it, including how to fasten and torque the holding bolts. They then show you how to re-install the slip-on exhaust. This video will help you navigate the tricky intricacies of manipulating the clutch cable on a Harley.

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  • High Performance Carburetor Kit #2 w/ Custom Air Intake

    Bob and Mark teach you how to custom install a Mikuni HSR42 carburetor kit and Wimmer air cleaner on a Touring model. Both components come assembled, so all you have to do is install. Bob shows you the best way to adjust the throttle and idle cables and install a stepless-style clamp on the fuel line. Once you think you’re finished, clean everything off with some parts cleaner and a towel. You worked hard on it, make it look good!

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  • Custom Throttle Cable Installation / Air Intake, Carb & Cable Removal

    In order to install new components to the throttle and transmission, Bob and Mark demonstrate the step-by-step process for removing the air cleaner cover and air cleaner element, cutting the one-time use stepless clamp for the carburetor and unhooking the throttle and clutch cables.

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  • Custom Throttle Cable Installation

    Bob and Mark show you how to install the idle and throttle cables on your Harley Davidson Softail or Dyna model. They recommend using a Barnett performance black throttle cable. Once you have situated the cables, the guys remind you to test to make sure they’re directed in the correct location.

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  • High Performance Carburetor Kit - final throttle cable install

    Bob and Mark teach you how to install the Mikuni HSR42 high performance carburetor kit into the manifold gasket on a Harley Softail®. This particular model is available in kit form. When you’re finished, you should be able to square the carburetor into the manifold, return the fuel line to its correct location, route the overflow tube, install both the idle and throttle cables and route the choke cable to the left side of your bike.

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  • Custom Air Intake Installation

    After you’ve installed the Mikuni carburetor into your Softail model, you can custom install a Wimmer air cleaner. But before you begin, make sure to read the service manual and make any adjustments necessary for the specifications of your particular model. It will make tunes up that much easier if you are familiar with all components.

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