• Custom 2 into1 Performance Exhaust Install

    With the new gasket already installed in the front and rear cylinders on your Softail model, Bob and Mark demonstrate the process for installing a 2:1 performance exhaust. They stress the importance of working with care so that you don’t scratch the surface of the pipe.

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  • Harley Davidson Throttle Cable Repair

    Our expert takes apart the housing to lubricate the throttle cables.  Related Videos: Harley-Davidson® Throttle Cable Repair How to Replace Brake Light Switch on a Harley Check, Adjust and Lubricate Brake & Clutch Controls

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  • How to Pack Wheel Bearings on a Motorcycle

    Before Harley-Davidson manufactured the sealed wheel bearing, there was a service we had to perform. Learn how to pack wheel bearings in this demonstration on a Harley-Davidson tapered style Timken wheel bearing.

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  • Harley Tappet Oil Screen Cleaning

    Here’s an Evolution Engine (late 1984 – 1999) service that goes overlooked. We can not say it enough: it’s a critical area – no not cross thread! Start by cover areas you will work over. Use a drag link on a ratchet, find the correct plug above the crank case(consult your manual). Remove plug and…

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  • Harley Davidson Motor Mount Inspection

    The Harley-Davidson engine produces a lot of horsepower and with that comes vibration. Make motor mount and fastener inspection part of your service procedures. Watch this motor mount inspection video to understand the finer details to maintaining your Harley Davidson. These service procedures for a Harley Davidson motor mount inspection will help keep your engine…

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  • Harley Davidson Fairing Removal

    There are some differences in Harley Davidson fairing removal and replacement. Bob and Mark walk us through the Road Glide. Next Video: Road Glide Fairing Install Related Video: Electra Glide Fairing

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  • FLHX fairing install

    Here’s a look at the Road Glide fairing installation. Bob takes you through the steps to successfully re-install the fairing and shows you how to ensure everything is aligned properly and cables are reattached correctly. Grab a buddy for this step – you’ll need two sets of hands. Related Video: Road Glide Fairing Removal Electra…

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  • A Clean Harley Means Removing Bugs

    Bob reviews an easy way to have a clean Harley by washing away those big bug splatters on your windshield and faring. Related Videos: Harley Motorcycle Detailing Tips Chrome Polishing Tips & Techniques Motorcycle Windshield Tips A Clean Harley Means Removing Bugs

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  • Hollister Rally CA - It's a Lifestyle

    Update: July 2013 the City of Hollister marked the comeback of the Hollister Rally. Sounds like it went well and the Hollister City Council has signed a 10-year agreement to host the rally every July. Game on – Ride & Rock On. We have been to almost every Harley-Davidson rally in this great country and…

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