• 36:36

    GOLD Event: Loose Shift Linkage

    Bob LaRosa takes some time to cover several issues that can cause a loose shift linkage and solutions to the problem. Sit back and watch as he takes the time to show and tell in this GOLD member exclusive event.

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  • 31:12

    GOLD Event: Twin Cam – Buyer Alert

    In this exclusive class, Bob LaRosa reviews the Twin Cam and the Cam Chain Tensioner. There are millions of Twin Cams on the market at a good price. This is an area you need to be concerned about when buying an early Twin Cam 1999-2006 (except 2006 Dyna). He opens the cam compartment and review inspection, cam chain differences and much more.

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  • 40:50

    GOLD Event: Non-ABS Braking

    Bob LaRosa covers non-ABS braking systems in this exclusive live class. He reviews brake fluid types, bleeding brakes and maintenance. He shows caliper design changes from 2 piston to 4 piston, and spends some time on brake pad design, material and proper maintenance. He also give us an overview of the braking system including correct rotor and pad mating materials.

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  • 59:08

    GOLD Event: Clutch Review

    Bob LaRosa reviews and demos both wet and dry clutches. He discusses clutch design changes throughout the years along with proper maintenance and adjustment.

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  • 53:54

    GOLD Event: Customizing your Hog

    Bob LaRosa knows we all love to customize our Hogs. In this exclusive class, Bob walks us through several types of upgrades. He looks at performance and appearance upgrades on Harleys from front to back. Sit back and make a list of what you would like to bolt-on your Hog.

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  • 1:04:02

    GOLD Event: Tires

    Bob LaRosa walks us through one of the most neglected components on a Harley, the tires. He covers topics such as tire makeup, tire construction and proper tire maintenance. Bob goes way beyond just checking tire pressure, although that is one of the most important factors of tire maintenance.

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  • 58:47

    GOLD Event: Harley ABS Braking System

    Bob LaRosa covers the history of ABS, problems Harley Davidson motorcycles have had, and the litigation that followed. He also offers proper maintenance recommendations and the proper use of the ABS system.

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  • 55:53

    GOLD Event: Starters for Starters

    Bob LaRosa walks through the components of a Harley-Davidson starter and solenoid, and reviews common issues so you never again have to ask, “Why isn’t my motorcycle starting?”

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