• Pulling Wires Through Ape Hangers

    Pulling wires through ape hanger handlebars can be frustrating. Bob and Mark give use some tips on how to go about it. From getting the pull string through the bars, attaching a guide string and then pulling the wires into the bars. Next video: Adding pin connectors to the extended wire harness

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  • Adding pin connectors to the extended wire harness

    Adding pin connectors to the extended Harley wiring harness is not that big of a job. It does take patience so take your time and do them one at a time. Next Video: Installing Harley Ape Hangers

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  • Tip on Pulling Wires Through Handlebars

    Bob and Mark give us some tips on how to pull that Harley wiring through the handlebars. They remind us perfect practice makes perfect. Why have your first try be on your new bars? Practice on the stock bars and some wiring. Take the extra time and practice before you do the real install. Next…

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  • Installing Harley Ape Hangers

    We now get to installing the LA Chopper Harley ape hangers in this video. We walked you through a lot of the hard parts but we still have some ways to go. Let’s get the apes on and in place. Take a little time and position them so they are the most comfortable. Next Video:…

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  • Harley Braided Clutch Cable Install

    This mini ape install needs an upgrade. We will install a Harley braided clutch cable in this video. Before that you have to make sure the old gasket is removed from the cover or the case and remove the old cable. New o-ring, cable and gasket and we show how to install the new braided…

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  • Harley Clutch Lever, Housing and Grip Install

    This video covers Harley clutch lever, housing and grip installation. Bob and Mark take their time and get the stock competes back in place and install a new grip. Next video: Harley Wiring Connectors

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  • Harley Wiring Connectors

    Bob and Mark move from the clutch side of the handlebars to the extended wiring harness. They made sure the Harley wiring connectors plug back into each other on the left and right side. Next Video: Harley Throttle By Wire Grip, Master Cylinder and Housing Install

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  • Harley Throttle By Wire Grip, Master Cylinder and Housing Install

    This video shows how to install the Harley throttle by wire grip, master cylinder and housings on the right side of the handlebars. We have to use a new longer brake line and we will install this next. Next Video: Braided Brake Lines Install

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  • Braided Brake Lines Install

    Ape hangers require longer braided brake lines. In this video we prep the lines with teflon paste and get the brake lines in place. We connect the lines to the calipers and bleed the brakes accordingly. Next Video: Brake Bleeding Tools Make It Easy

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