• 1:13

    Check Front Axle Nut Torque

    Next on Harley’s service checklist is checking for proper front axle nut torque. The front or rear axles should not loosen for any reason on their own. In fact, this is really just to inspect the work of the last person or mechanic that touched this area of the motorcycle. It could even have been…

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  • 6:53

    Softail M8 Air Cleaner Inspection

    The Softail M8 air cleaner on your Harley Davidson needs to be inspected and serviced at every major service. It’s also not a bad idea to simply inspect the M8 air filter when performing smaller services or oil changes. For decades Harley Davidson has vented their motor crankcases directly into the air cleaner assembly. This…

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  • 5:31

    Replace Drain Plugs and Harley Oil Filter

    Harley drain plug and Harley oil filter installation is not difficult. Things can quickly become difficult if a drain plug is installed incorrectly. If a drain plug is not installed straight or is installed dirty, the plug’s threaded allocation in the case can become permanently damaged. The most common way oil cases become damaged is…

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  • 4:54

    Refilling Primary Chaincase Lubricant on an M8 Softail

    Refilling the primary chaincase lubricant on your M8 Softail is relatively straightforward however, it is a good idea to determine whether your Harley Davidson has a wide or narrow outer primary cover prior to replenishing with oil. The service manual does not specify how to determine what is considered a wide or narrow primary so…

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  • 8:29

    Softail M8 Oil and Transmission Lubricant

    With drain plugs installed and torqued to spec, Mike begins the process of filling, both, the Softail M8 oil and the transmission lubricant. The service is being performed with the motorcycle on the lift and level. Setting the final levels for Softail M8 oil and transmission lubricant will take place after the motorcycle has been…

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  • 1:49

    Clean and Inspect M8 Harley Oil Cooler

    M8 Harley oil cooler inspection can be quick & easy, however it is not an inspection to simply breeze over. The inspection should not only cover the M8 Harley oil cooler, but also all oil lines and junctions associated with the Harley oil cooler assembly. Riding conditions will typically dictate how dirty the Harley oil…

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  • 1:47

    Check Harley Hardware on Switch Housings

    Another simple yet very important safety inspection is the Harley hardware on the switch housing, the clutch perch and front master cylinder clamp. If for any reason this Harley hardware were to loosen or fall off of the motorcycle, it would create a serious safety problem. Losing proper clutch function can be a serious safety…

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  • 2:13

    Inspect Harley Oil Lines and Brake System

    Inspection of Harley oil lines and brake lines and fittings is simple and straightforward but it is not something to be taken lightly or forgotten. Mike makes an excellent point at the beginning of this short video. If you have chosen to perform all of your own maintenance, it is important that you cover everything…

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  • 1:42

    Harley Fuel Line Inspection

    Check your Harley fuel line & fittings for possible leaks at every service or as part of your pre-ride inspection. It will be more likely to establish a Harley fuel line or fitting leak if your fuel tank has been removed a number of times. In this case, the o-ring inside the output valve can…

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