• Softail Oil Tank Removal

    Harley Evolution Softail Oil Tank Removal

    In this video we take a look at Harley Evolution Softail oil tank removal. There are a number of reasons why you may need to remove your oil tank. You may want to have your tank painted or powder coated. You may have a damaged tank that needs to be replaced. You may need better…

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  • Softail Oil Tank

    Harley Evo Softail Oil Tank Installation

    We are ready to reinstall the Harley Evo Softail oil tank back into the motorcycle. Bob takes a minute to explain the working areas and mounting points of this oil tank. While the oil tank is still stripped down and on the bench; it is the perfect time to thoroughly clean any surface areas that…

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  • Fender Dent Removal

    Harley Fender Dent Removal

    Bob gives us an idea of what is involved with Harley fender dent removal. In many instances replacing a fender or fuel tank is much less expensive than having a professional labor over correcting the piece. In other instances the damaged component may be rare or one of a kind and repair is the only…

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  • Metal Fillers

    Metal Fillers Review

    None of us want to be in a situation where one of our motorcycle’s painted components is damaged. Replacing a fuel tank or fender can be very expensive. However, if a damaged piece is salvageable, consider repairing it yourself. You will save a lot of money if you bring a component to your painter, already…

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  • Harley Fender

    Harley Fender Repair

    Bob has the damaged area prepped on this Harley fender; ready for a short demonstration on applying filler. It is important to correctly mix your filler. Mixing in too much harder will greatly reduce your work time. Make sure to spread plenty of filler over your Harley fender or part in question. Spreading too much…

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