• 5:24

    How To Buy Used Choppers

    Nate Beck reviews how to buy used choppers, vintage motorcycles or any motorcycle. Nate says, “Heritage, to me, is one of the pillars of being a Harley Davidson enthusiast. Harley’s pride in their heritage is one of the aspects that originally attracted me to being a Harley owner and rider. Their attention to detail on…

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  • 3:22

    Harley Chopper Ride Comparison

    Nate Beck recently fulfilled his childhood dream of owning an old Harley chopper and with it came a whole host of surprises. Some more welcome than others. He knew the time commitment and maintenance would be quite different when compared to my 2015 Sportster and he had already purchased a shovelhead service manual that I…

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  • 7:04

    Best Motorcycle Rides Around the Grand Canyon

    There’s something unique about seeing the world from the seat of a Harley Davidson. Ask anyone to try to explain it and you’ll likely get the same answer. A long winded explanation that only really proves that the feeling we get from riding our bikes cannot be explained. That feeling is the sole reason why…

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  • 1:27

    Fix My Hog Welcomes Nate Beck

    Fix My Hog is excited to welcome Nate Beck to our crew. You have been asking for rider experience tips and event coverage and we are stepping up with our pal, Nate Beck. He wrenches, welds, plays in a band, goes to school(just landed a welding gig at an aerospace company) and still finds time…

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  • 5:22

    Weekend Travel Packing List

    You have 48 hours, use it and don’t let Monday wreck your Sunday! Nate Beck walks us through a few essentials to bring on a short trip. You want to keep it light and bulk free. Your travel packing list should have some of these items on it. Layers are your friend – wear more…

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  • 6:18

    Travel Tool List

    The wind in your face and the pavement screaming below your wheels. That’s what we want 24/7/365. Reality is we ride a mechanical beast that might need some tinkering with while we are out there exploring the great unknown. Here’s a travel tool list to put in a compact tool pouch. Yes a tool pouch,…

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  • 4:39

    Summer Riding Gear

    Check out summer riding gear to wear when riding your Harley-Davidson in the summer. Nate Beck shares his gear to wear for summer. Cool / warm in the morning, hot midday and cool at night brings out some new gear options. We want to look good and we need to be safe on today’s crazy…

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  • 5:39

    Spring and Fall Riding Apparel

    Check out some gear to wear when riding your Harley-Davidson in the Spring and Fall. Nate Beck shares his gear to wear for Spring and Fall. Cool in the morning, warm midday and chilly at night brings out the layers. We want to look good and we need to be safe on today’s crazy roads.…

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  • 5:13

    Donnie Smith Motorcycle Show

    Fix My Hog’s Nate Beck hit the road and checked out the annual Dennis Kirk Donnie Smith Bike Show 2018, enthusiasts from all over the country flocked to the Donnie Smith Bike-Car Show, Swap Meet. Nate shows us around the show and also takes a look at vendors of all types. It’s the largest custom…

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