• Brake Line Replacement / Brake Bleeding

    Brake Line Replacement / Brake Bleeding

    Using a Phoenix injector to draw fluid from the master cylinder, Bob and Mark show you how to bleed the brake fluid from a Fatboy model. They then demonstrate the easy process for installing a Goodridge performance black brake line and the injection of brake fluid into the master cylinder.

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  • Custom Headlight & Passing Lamp Removal & Install

    Custom Headlight and Passing Lamps / Remove old

    In order to install the Headwinds custom 7-inch headlight and bulb and the Headwinds complete passing light assembly onto the stock Fatboy front fork, Bob and Mark start by removing the trim strip on both sides of the headlight cover. They then teach you the full process for removing both the headlight and passing lamps from your Softail model.

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  • Proper Motorcycle Headlight Wiring and Alignment

    Proper Motorcycle Headlight Wiring and Alignment

    Bob and Mark demonstrate the best way to assemble a Headwinds passing lamp kit and headlight for a Harley including wiring and prep. They then teach you how to install both the headlight and passing lamp assemblies and secure them to the mounting bracket. They recommend always double-covering any wires that you use on your bike with shrink-wrap before installation to protect them from the elements.

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  • Custom Gauges / Wiring

    Custom Gauges / Wiring

    Bob and Mark show you how to directly replace stock gauges with Dakota Digital gauges on your Softail or Road King model’s dashboard, including the speedometer and odometer reset. Dakota Digital supplies explicit instructions for installation and wiring, so make sure to read these carefully. Be especially careful not to completely invert a gauge even if you aren’t going to replace it!

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  • Custom Headlight / Passing Lamps and Gauge Install

    Custom Headlight / Passing Lamps and Gauge Install

    Bob and Mark demonstrate the installation process for the custom Headwinds and Dakota Digital products that you have wired and prepped for your Softail model. These are your headlights, passing lamps and dashboard gauges. This is your last chance to make sure all wires are properly wrapped, attached and secured! Your bike should look drastically different from what you had before your custom servicing. Now get out and take a test drive!

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  • Carburetor Jet Kit & Thunderslide

    Carburetor Jet Kit & Thunderslide

    Bob removes a stock Harley-Davidson CV carburetor and brings it to a bench for a jet kit and thunderslide install. With the skills of a surgeon Bob walks us through taking apart the CV carburetor, installing a new jet and thunderslide. Take your time watch him work through it a few times before you go to it. After seeing him do it, you’ll know why he likes carburetors instead of EFI.

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  • Chrome Inner Primary Removal Procedure

    Chrome Inner Primary Removal Procedure

    Sit back and watch as Bob and Mark break down the primary from outer to inner. Chrome inner primary removal procedure and safety is a must. Make sure the battery negative cable is off the battery. With the fluids drained the guys go to work removing the covers, starter, pinion gear, compensating sprocket, primary chain, and clutch. Have your factory service manual handy. Review all the videos on our site about this procedure as some things have changed over the years, see Softail Rear Belt install. Bob installs the chrome inner primary cover and has the Harley ready for the rest of the install.

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  • High Performance Clutch Install & Custom Primary Cover

    High Performance Clutch Install & Custom Primary Cover

    Bob gives us a nice review the performance clutch set up and the differences over the years. From show and tell to show and install, Bob takes apart the stock clutch springs, plates, fibers, steels and basket. He presses out the old clutch hub and presses the new clutch hub in. We are dealing with springs have safety glasses handy. He walks us through a detailed and complete re-install on the bench and then into the motorcycles. Watch how to replace the clutch and re-install the primary cover for a Harley-Davidson Dyna.

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  • Chrome Front End Installation

    Chrome Front End Installation

    Bob and Mark put a Dyna WideGlide on the table lift to show you how to assemble an HHI’s lower slider, fork tube and six-degree trees with hidden fork stops. They also teach you to use your service manual’s specifications to learn how to torque the parts after they assembled. Finally, be sure to apply anti-seize when necessary and use Spectro Heavy-Duty Fork Oil to fill the fork assembly. This video also shows how to install front fork seals.

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