• 5:07

    Installing Street Glide Forks

    Looking Good We are close to completing our upgrade on our Street Glide forks. Both left and right side fork assemblies have been reassembled per factory and manufacturers specifications. Our completed assemblies have Performance Machine chrome lower sliders and Progressive Suspension’s FST (frequency sensing technology) monotube cartridge lowering kit. Triple Threat The Street Glide forks…

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  • 9:50

    Fender Install After Harley Suspension Upgrade

    We are close to wrapping up this front Harley suspension upgrade on our Street Glide. We have completed the installation of Progressive Suspension’s monotube cartridge, one inch lowering kit and we have also installed a beautiful set of lower sliders and bells compliments of Performance Machine. It doesn’t get any better than this! We have…

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  • 2:39

    Custom Harley Front End Wrap-Up

    This custom Harley front end on this Street Glide is just about complete. The front fender has been reinstalled along with the front wheel, and left and right side calipers. With the front, chrome bezel re-installed under the headlamp, Bob installs the black, plastic, lower bezel at the back of the inner fairing, beneath the…

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  • 58:18

    Harley-Davidson® Oil Cooler Installation

    My wife and I love our new ride! Just have one question; why does it run so darn hot? Over the last 110 years Harley-Davidson motors have been getting bigger and bigger to create more power and with that comes more heat. Extreme engine heat can be generated when our air-cooled Harley ends up in…

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  • 2:12

    Harley Compensator Upgrade

    Does Your Harley Compensator Clunk? We were excited to get our hands on this Harley compensator upgrade from Baker. Riders have been dealing with Harley’s poor compensator design for some years now. Even their Screamin Eagle upgrade turned out to be an inadequate solution for most. Some riders actually spent a lot of money to…

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  • Harley Compensator Sprocket

    Harley Compensator Sprocket Removal

    The instructions for Baker’s compensator sprocket kit upgrade are straightforward and easy to understand. As usual, Fix My Hog suggests that a factory service manual is also available for reference for the Harley compensator sprocket removal. Preperation Bob begins by draining the primary drive oil and removing the outer primary cover. You can use a…

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  • Baker Compensator

    Baker Compensator Install

    Upgrade Bob is almost ready to begin assembly of the Baker compensator assembly upgrade. First, the engine crank shaft internal threads must be thoroughly cleaned. Baker recommends that the threads are chased with either a 9/16 – 12 bottoming tap, or with a 9/16 – 12 thread chaser. Be very careful not to damage any…

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  • Baker Compensator Kit

    Baker Compensator Kit Install: Part 2

    We move forward with the Baker compensator kit install and before the new compensator bolt is finally torqued, it is important to confirm or adjust for correct primary chain alignment. The primary chain must be traveling in a straight line across the compensating sprocket and the gears of the clutch basket. If it does not…

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  • 2:11

    Grinding Outer Primary Cover

    Modification Your Harley outer primary cover may have an oil deflector that is cast into the inside, top, front of the outer primary cover. This deflector was designed to aid in the lubrication of the stock Harley Davidson compensator assembly. If you have this deflector, it will need to be removed from the primary cover.…

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