• Harley Oil Pan

    Harley Oil Pan Upgrade

    Reduce Engine Heat Heat is always an issue when dealing with an air cooled Harley Davidson. The Big Twins today push forty + more torque than the Evolution motors of the 80’s & 90’s. More torque, of course, means more heat. The oil capacity across in the Harley oil pan and all models for that…

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  • Replace Oil Pan On A Harley

    Stock Oil Pan Removal

    Out With The Old Oil Pan Removing the stock oil pan from your Harley is not a difficult task but there are some things that you should be prepared for before you start. We are removing this stock oil pan in anticipation of installing a Baker 1.5+ oil pan assembly. The Baker instructions are straight…

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  • Replacing an Oil Pan

    Replacing an Oil Pan On a Harley

    With our FLH transmission gasket surface cleaned and our new oil pan hardware prepped with blue Loctite, we are ready to start replacing an oil pan with Baker’s 1.5 oil pan assembly. As we’ve noted before; it is not at all necessary to remove the rear wheel, or primary drive assembly when replacing an oil…

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  • 103-Twin-Cam-Performance-Upgrades

    103 Twin Cam Performance Upgrades

    In this video we disassemble and prep for our 103 Twin Cam performance upgrades from Cobra. This upgrade includes; a full Cobra exhaust system, a fuel management system, and Cobra’s Power Flow air cleaner assembly. This performance upgrade will give us increased horsepower and torque. It will also give us a different, more aggressive sounding,…

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  • 9:02

    TC 103 Harley Fuel Management System Upgrade

    Install the Cobra Fi2000 Power Pro on your ride and it’s like having your own, built-in Dyno to analyze your bike’s performance and constantly tune your air/fuel ratio for optimum performance. Plug & Boost The Power Pro fuel injection control module is plug & play. Very simple to install in just a few easy steps.…

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  • Harley Breather

    Harley Breather Intake Upgrade

    Simply put- Cobra’s Power Flow Air Intake moves a lot of air! This is an instance where beautiful form and design is combined with outstanding function and performance. This Harley breather / air intake assembly bolts right on for a custom motorcycle look and gives performance increases across the board. All Together Combine the Power…

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  • Harley Fuel Tank

    Harley Fuel Tank Install

    Easier Than Before Harley fuel tank install has become easier over the years. On this 6 gallon Ultra tank, there are no fuel line clamps to deal with; nor is there a fuel line crossover. However, you still need to plan ahead, take your time, and work clean. And, as always, try to utilize a…

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  • Cobra Exhaust

    Performance Cobra Exhaust Install

    We have already installed a fuel management system and performance air cleaner assembly on this motorcycle. The last segment of our three part performance upgrade is the installation of the performance Cobra exhaust system, including Cobra’s PowrPort Crossover. Lay Everything Out Before beginning installation, inspect any parts, or hardware that are to be reused. Exhaust…

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  • Harley Horsepower

    Three Part Harley Horsepower Upgrade Wrap-Up

    We wrapped up our three part Harley horsepower upgrade project during a summer rainstorm; so you will have to excuse our audio on this short clip. We figured; what better, to drown out the sound of rain, than hearing this motorcycle fire up with it’s new Cobra exhaust system! With the air cleaner assembly, Fi2000…

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