• Harley Brakes - Sportster Rear Pad Replacement

    Harley Brakes – Sportster Rear Pad Replacement

    Bob demonstrates the proper technique for checking, servicing and replacing Harley brakes on the rear wheel caliper of your Harley Sportster. He shows how to loosen the caliper, remove the brake pads and install a new set. Once they are in place, he pumps the rear brakes to make sure the caliper is making solid contact with the wheel and checks the fluid reservoir. If the fluid level is low, you should either bleed the brakes or replace the fluid. More Maintenance Videos are listed here.

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    Inspect Rear Brake Pads and Discs for Wear and Replace

    Harley rear brake pads and discs need to be inspected at every service interval or whenever the components are removed during regular service or repair procedures. Replace both rear brake pads if the friction material of either pad is .016″ (4mm) or less. Brake pads must always be replaced as sets. Minimum acceptable thickness of…

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