• How to replace brake pads on a Harley

    How to Replace Brake Pads on a Harley

    Bob shows you how to service the rear caliper on your Touring model and, if required, how to replace brake pads. He teaches you the easy process for cleaning and preparing an old pad for reinstallation, as well as how to install a new pad.

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  • How to replace rear brake pads on a Harley-Davidson

    How to replace rear brake pads on a Harley-Davidson®

    Bob and Mark show you how to replace rear brake pads on your Touring model if necessary. This Evo caliper is easy to work with. They teach you to be careful when applying lubrication to the caliper system that you only use a little bit of grease and anti-seize. Otherwise you can contaminate the brake and lose stopping power, which leaves you at risk for an accident.

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