• Harley Brakes - Sportster Rear Pad Replacement

    Harley Brakes – Sportster Rear Pad Replacement

    Bob demonstrates the proper technique for checking, servicing and replacing Harley brakes on the rear wheel caliper of your Harley Sportster. He shows how to loosen the caliper, remove the brake pads and install a new set. Once they are in place, he pumps the rear brakes to make sure the caliper is making solid contact with the wheel and checks the fluid reservoir. If the fluid level is low, you should either bleed the brakes or replace the fluid. More Maintenance Videos are listed here.

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  • How to replace rear brake pads on a Harley-Davidson

    How to replace rear brake pads on a Harley-Davidson®

    Bob and Mark show you how to replace rear brake pads on your Touring model if necessary. This Evo caliper is easy to work with. They teach you to be careful when applying lubrication to the caliper system that you only use a little bit of grease and anti-seize. Otherwise you can contaminate the brake and lose stopping power, which leaves you at risk for an accident.

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  • Custom Brake Line Installation

    Custom Brake Line Installation

    Bob rounds out the custom clutch and throttle cable install with braided brake lines. Make sure you know what brake fluid is in your motorcycle. Mark removes the old fluid as Bob removes the stock brake lines. Save your hardware for re-install. Bob and mark route the new brake lines and make
    sure they do not bind and stay in place. New washers and banjo bolts are a must. Thread the banjo bolts into the master cylinder with touch of Loctite threadsealant. They bleed the brakes to finish this custom brake line installation to make sure they have firm brake lever feel.

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