• 47:41

    Sportster Front End Installation Part 1

    Tommy is ready to begin assembly of the Sportster front end on our Harley Cafe Racer project. The stock, Sportster front end, lower sliders have been powder coated and the fork tube assemblies have been completely rebuilt with new upper and lower bushings and fork seals. A Burly lowering kit is installed to lower our…

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  • 25:38

    S & S Super E Installation

    An S & S Super E carburetor is an excellent upgrade to any carbureted Harley Davidson. This S & S Super E carburetor is not only a noticeable performance upgrade but when combined with the S & S Muscle Air Cleaner assembly, the assembly also looks amazing. In this video, Tommy installs a black S…

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  • 1:00:22

    Sportster Swingarm and Lighting Install

    Tommy is ready to begin assembly of the rear end with the black powder coated Sportster swingarm. Prior to reinstalling the Sportster swingarm, the bearings need to be cleaned and re-packed. If bearings were in less than perfect condition, it is important to replace the bearings and races before proceeding. Tommy installs the freshly packed…

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  • 5:25

    Sportster Cafe Racer Wrap-up

    That’s a wrap! Our 2000 Sportster has been transformed into our modern, alternative version of a Cafe Racer. A lot of time was put into this project. Beginning with the time spent planning, scheduling, and budgeting. We started with a concept and an idea of what year and model Sportsters we could use for the…

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