• Harley Davdison Cooling Fan Installation

    Harley-Davdison Cooling Fan Installation

    When your Harley-Davidson runs hot, you only have a couple options. You can go old school, pull over in the shade and have a cold adult beverage or you can install something. A Harley Davidson cooling fan or cylinder cooling fan is a great option and they look great. Here are a few facts: 1.…

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  • harley softail belt replacement

    Harley Softail Belt Replacement – Removal Part 1 of 3

    Watch part 1 of 3 of a Harley softail belt replacement provided by Fix My Hog. When it comes to Harley-Davidson maintenance the rear drive belt is a big one. There are many factors other that a belt breaking that might make you change it misalignment or warpage due to incorrect installation of parts. If…

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  • Sportster Rear Belt Removal & Replacement

    Sportster Rear Belt Removal & Replacement

    When my dad said he was taking out his belt, we would run for the hills. When Bob and Mark say it, all come near and watch. In this 95-minute video, they show us how to remove and replace the rear belt on the Harley-Davidson Sportster. The final belt can last a long time, mileage…

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  • Harley Davidson Belt Removal on a Touring Model

    Harley-Davidson® Belt Removal on a Touring Model

    Part 1 of the Harley Davidson Belt Removal on a Touring Model. This is the longest procedure we have done to date. The belt removal and replacement videos are over 2 hours and 48 minutes. You will need to review some of the maintenance & performance videos and read your factory service manual before getting…

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