• Removing and Replacing Harley Fork Oil

    Removing and Replacing Harley Fork Oil

    Fork fluid can be tricky and slippery. Bob and Mark drain the fluid and remove the fork from the Dyna. Check your service manual. If you do not have to remove the forks, see our other videos on Front Fork Fluid change. Use caution when removing the end cap, there is pressure in there. Note…

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  • Harley-Davidson Battery Replacement

    Harley-Davidson® Battery Replacement

    In this Harley-Davidson battery replacement, Bob shows us negative cable reinstall with a little dielectric grease and getting the seat back on the Dyna. These are simple steps after a full service on your Harley-Davidson but without proper execution you will not be going far. Also Watch: Dyna Battery Removal and Replacement Next Service: Belt…

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  • Harley Motorcycle Detailing Tips

    Harley Motorcycle Detailing Tips

    For the first time since 2004 Mark speaks. If you have been with us over the years, you would have noticed a sort of Penn & Teller thing going on with Bob & Mark. Mark breaks his silence to give us his Harley motorcycle detailing tips and tricks. Here are some more videos on Keeping…

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  • Harley-Davidson Oil Change & Transmission Fluids

    Harley-Davidson® Oil Change & Transmission Fluids

    Bob and Mark get us ready to change the oil and transmission fluid on this Dyna. They remove the seat and battery box taking care to cover all painted pieces. Bob removes the negative cable for safety during this procedure. They remove the dipsticks and drain plugs to let the fluids flow into a clean…

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