• FLHX fairing install

    Harley-Davidson Road Glide Fairing Installation

    Here’s a look at the Road Glide fairing installation. Bob takes you through the steps to successfully re-install the fairing and shows you how to ensure everything is aligned properly and cables are reattached correctly. Grab a buddy for this step – you’ll need two sets of hands. Related Video: Road Glide Fairing Removal Electra…

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  • A Clean Harley Means Removing Bugs

    A Clean Harley Means Removing Bugs

    Bob reviews an easy way to have a clean Harley by washing away those big bug splatters on your windshield and faring. Related Videos: Harley Motorcycle Detailing Tips Chrome Polishing Tips & Techniques Motorcycle Windshield Tips A Clean Harley Means Removing Bugs

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