• 37:08

    Removal of M8 Stock Harley Davidson Parts

    Tommy Creal walks us through removal of the stock Harley Davidson exhaust system and air cleaner assembly on this M8 touring model. Performance exhaust system, high flowing air cleaner assembly, and a tuner are some of the most common upgrades along with handlebar replacement. Preparation is Key As always, we begin with disconnecting the battery…

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  • 2:55

    Check Harley Pinion Shaft Runout

    When considering a gear drive cam chest assembly, the Harley pinion shaft runout becomes extremely important. The manufacturer of a gear drive assembly will always specify a maximum allowance for Harley pinion shaft runout. This allowance should not exceed .003″. It is very important to heed the manufacturer’s instruction and warning. If a gear drive…

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  • 2:02

    Check Engine Coolant

    Harley Davidson coolant inspection is an important, yet often overlooked, service point on liquid-cooled Harley Davidsons. Cooling System Break Down: There are two radiators that can be found on Ultra models that support a cooling system. These small radiators are located within the left and right side lower fairings of the motorcycle. Also included in…

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