• Harley Fork Oil Service

    Harley Fork Oil Service

    Bob and Mark demonstrate the best way to empty Harley fork oil from your Sportster’s front fork sliders and replace it with new oil. It can be a two-man job, so try to complete the service with a friend. Newer bikes mostly use 39-millimeter forks, but most bikes are preset with varying levels of spring in the sliders, so consult your manual before you begin this service. Like any other service, you should clean all of the parts that you remove with parts cleaner to ensure that your bike operates smoothly between services.

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  • Harley Davidson Fork Oil Replacement

    Harley-Davidson® Fork Oil Replacement

    Bob teaches you how to change the fork oil for conventional fork setups and new cartridge style setups. Cartridge styles are only found on the FL Touring model, whereas Road King models are typically conventional.

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  • Front Fork Service 41mm Conventional Front Forks

    Front Fork Service 41mm Conventional Front Forks

    Bob and Mark teach you how to quickly and precisely change the oil on a 41-mm conventional style air-suspended FL front fork for a Touring model. This particular bike has an air-suspended system in which you can pump air to the handlebar reservoir and control fork suspension.

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