• Handlebar Controls, Master Cylinder and Brake Line Removal

    Harley Clutch Cable and Handlebar Removal

    The LA Choppers Ape Hangers will be taller than the stock Harley handlebars so we will need to remove the stock Harley clutch cable to get ready for a new one. Finally the handlebars come off with the handlebar risers and expose the bushings. Learn how to install new Harley handlebar riser bushings in our…

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  • motorcycle handlebar chrome switch caps

    Switching Out Motorcycle Handlebar Chrome Switch Caps

    Chrome switch caps can be an inexpensive upgrade that looks great. The problem is you can easily break a switch or crack a cap. In this video, Bob walks you through the install so you do not have to add a labor fee to your upgrade. You’ll learn all about motorcycle handlebar chrome switch caps.

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