• Pushrod Removal for Adjustable Pushrods Replacement

    Pushrod Removal for Adjustable Pushrods Replacement

    Learn how to remove the Harley cam cover and cam lifters. We remove the lifter blocks and Harley lifters in this procedure to give you a better view. We cut the pushrods and will use adjustable pushrods during reassembly. Next video: Lifter Blocks, Cam Lifters and Cam Cover Removal How to Remove Battery and Exhaust…

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  • Andrews Adjustable Pushrod Installation

    Andrews Adjustable Pushrod Installation

    How-To video on Andrews adjustable pushrod installation. Bob LaRosa and Mark double check lifter installation and place the lifter all the way down in the path of travel on the backside of the camshaft, the base circle. They install new o-rings and then the pushrods. Take your time and adjust each one correctly. Most important…

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