• Harley Sportster Battery Removal

    In this quick demonstration of the Harley Sportster battery removal, you’ll learn how to remove your bike’s seat and side cover so you can check on the condition of your battery and its operating components. It is strongly recommended that you remove the negative cable of the battery first and replace it last when servicing

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  • Harley Davidson Battery Tender Review

    Unless you have a kick-start, you’ll need a battery to get your Harley started and to keep it functional. Bob shares some tips on Harley battery replacement and upkeep.

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  • Harley-Davidson Battery Replacement

    In this Harley-Davidson battery replacement, Bob shows us negative cable reinstall with a little dielectric grease and getting the seat back on the Dyna. These are simple steps after a full service on your Harley-Davidson but without proper execution you will not be going far. Next Service: Belt Tension

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  • Motorcycle Battery Maintenance and Overview

    Your Harley Davidson motorcycle needs a battery. You need to maintain that battery to get the most out of it. Motorcycle battery maintenance requirements have decreased over the years from wet cell, AGM, and Lithium. Next video: Proper Soldering Techniques

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