• Harley Davidson Sportster Cobra Exhaust Install Part 1

    Installing a Cobra Exhaust System on a Harley Sportster Part 1

    The number one upgrade done to almost every Harley-Davidson is the exhaust system. Our experts show you how to remove the Sportster stock exhaust and bracket to get ready for the new bracket and the Cobra Power Pro HP 2-into-1 exhaust. Next Video: Installing a Cobra Exhaust System on a Harley Sportster Part 2 Related…

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  • Exhaust & Clutch Cable removal

    Exhaust & Clutch Cable Removal

    With a FL model secured to the table lift, Bob and Mark show you how to upgrade and customize the braided idle / throttle cable, clutch cable, dual disk Goodridge braided front brake lines. This is a performance package, and it is very important that you take time and care when installing and cleaning each of these parts.

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  • Custom Exhaust Installation

    Custom Exhaust Installation

    With the new air intake installed and cleaned, Bob starts the custom exhaust install. New gaskets and mounting brackets go on first. Mark brings in a Mean Mothers exhaust with new flanges and clips. Working together they align the pipe and bolt it on. Exhaust and shields in place they clean up any unwanted fingerprints.…

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  • Custom 2 into1 Performance Exhaust Install

    Custom 2 into 1 Performance Exhaust Install

    With the new gasket already installed in the front and rear cylinders on your Softail model, Bob and Mark demonstrate the process for installing a 2:1 performance exhaust. They stress the importance of working with care so that you don’t scratch the surface of the pipe.

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