• 34:07

    Sportster Front End Removal

    Tommy is ready to fully disassemble the Sportster front end. He begins today with the final removal of the front brake line and clutch cable. Once the last retaining clamps are removed, both of these cables are free from the motorcycle and set aside. Next up on the Sportster front end, the handlebar top clamp…

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  • 5:25

    Sportster Cafe Racer Wrap-up

    That’s a wrap! Our 2000 Sportster has been transformed into our modern, alternative version of a Cafe Racer. A lot of time was put into this project. Beginning with the time spent planning, scheduling, and budgeting. We started with a concept and an idea of what year and model Sportsters we could use for the…

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  • 4:05

    Check Front M8 Softail Tire Pressure and Tread

    Although checking Softail tire pressure and tire/wheel inspection is very easy to do, it is by far the most commonly overlooked pre-ride inspection. Tire pressure should always be checked cold, and while tire manufacturers do label every tire with a maximum pressure specification, we suggest following the factory service manual recommendations for front and rear…

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  • 8:29

    Softail M8 Oil and Transmission Lubricant

    With drain plugs installed and torqued to spec, Mike begins the process of filling, both, the Softail M8 oil and the transmission lubricant. The service is being performed with the motorcycle on the lift and level. Setting the final levels for Softail M8 oil and transmission lubricant will take place after the motorcycle has been…

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  • 1:01

    Check Harley Clutch Lever Handlebar Clamp Screw Torque

    Inspection of all major fasteners is an important part of every major service on a Harley Davidson. Failure to maintain the Harley clutch lever and all fasteners can result in damage or injury. After many repeated service procedures and/or repairs, hardware and threaded castings can become stripped or damaged. Install thread repair inserts when threaded…

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  • 3:53

    Inspect and Lubricate Jiffy Stand

    Call it what you want; jiffy stand, side stand, or kickstand. It is an integral component that we rely on and it must be inspected. Also to be inspected is the jiffy stand spring. It is inevitable that the spring will eventually need replacement. When replacing the jiffy stand spring, it is important to service…

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  • 13:07

    Replace Spark Plugs

    HD suggests replacing the Harley Davidson spark plugs on your M8 every two years or thirty thousand miles. Whichever scenario comes up first. The M8 has two Harley Davidson spark plugs per cylinder. Four spark plugs total. The two spark plugs on the left side of the motorcycle are easily accessible. They are basically in…

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