• 5:58

    Automotive or S&S Tappets in Your Harley

    A common question at S&S Cycle and Fix My Hog: “Will automotive tappets perform like S&S tappets on my Harley Davidson?” This is not a crazy question, as both these lifters have identical outside body dimensions. In other words; they fit. The answer, however, is no. In this video lesson from S&S Cycle, Bruce Tessmer…

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  • 3:32

    Check Harley Rear Wheel Spokes: Tire Pressure and Tread

    It is extremely important to inspect the Harley rear wheel spokes for proper tightness at regular maintenance intervals. If Harley spoke wheels become and remain loose from neglect, it can not only be very damaging to the wheel, but riding conditions will become extremely dangerous. If you have never experienced riding on loose Harley rear…

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  • 7:55

    Twin Cities to Canada Ride

    Long distance on a Sportster? No problem! Go big and go international, just don’t film the border crossing, and bring your passport. Nate Beck hits the road north from the Twin Cities along Lake Superior and into Canada and Thunder Bay. The ride runs up the highway and gets scenic in Duluth when he hugs…

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  • 27:33

    Remove Harley Cams and Lifter Block Covers

    Before beginning to open up the cam compartment, it is important to disconnect your battery ground cable and to drain your motor oil. When the motor work is complete, it is important to start with fresh, clean oil. Also, draining the motor oil before disassembly will result in less oil running out of the Harley…

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  • What tools do you need to carry on a HD motorcycle?

    Travel Tool List

    What tools do you need to carry on a HD motorcycle? The wind in your face and the pavement screaming below your wheels. That’s what we want 24/7/365. Reality is we ride a mechanical beast that might need some tinkering with while we are out there exploring the great unknown. So, what tools do you…

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