• Loctite Epoxy Mixer Cups and Fairing Repair

    Loctite Epoxy Mixer Cups and Fairing Repair

    A wobbly fairing can mean one of your screws is loose or the plastic boss that holds the threaded insert has broken. Here’s a great way to fix the issue using Loctite’s Epoxy Mixer Cups. Bob also shows us how to fill in an area with the same epoxy. Related Videos: How to use Loctite…

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  • Removing the outer fairing from a Harley-Davidson

    Removing the Outer Fairing from a Harley-Davidson®

    Bob and Mark remove a Evolution style front fairing. They note the differences and that we should take time to remove the trim ship on the headlight and the bolts that sit behind the it that hold the inner and outer fairing together. You’ll have to remove several more bolts to remove the faring. Next…

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  • Harley fairing shaking? Watch these helpful tips

    Tech Tip: Harley Fairing Shake

    Top ten or eleven tips on how you can be ready to go on that weekend ride. Everyone is waiting on you because your battery is dead. Bob chimes in with his must check list so you can be ready to ride and just as important come home safe. Related Videos: Fairing Bracket Replacement

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