• 6:24

    Vance and Hines FP3 Install

    M8 Re-tune with Vance and Hines FP3 The Vance and Hines FP3 is an innovative tuner that allows you to manage your motorcycle’s fuel system quickly and easily using only your smartphone. The FP3 allows you to easily map your bike for exhaust upgrades, air cleaner upgrades, and even motor upgrades by re-calibrating your ECM…

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  • 14:49

    Harley Six Speed Transmission Rebuild – Part 5

    We are almost ready to install our Harley 6 speed gear set back into the transmission case. At this point, inspect your shifter pawl assembly. If the splines on the shift shaft are worn or stripped, it is of utmost importance that the assembly is replaced now, before moving forward. The shift pawl assembly is…

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