• 20:58

    Dyna Oil Pan Gasket Replacement

    Steve Knoble has a 2005 Dyna Super Glide secured to the lift and is ready to get to work. In this video lesson, we get to watch over Steve’s shoulder as he removes and reinstalls this Dyna oil pan. There are a number of reasons why the Dyna oil pan on a Dyna or Touring…

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  • 24:19

    Sportster Forward Controls and Covers Removal

    Before we remove the Sportster forward controls, it is always important to block or seal off any openings in the engine, transmission, or primary drive compartments. Even if for only a short period of time. Debris, dust, or moisture can be damaging or even catastrophic depending on the circumstances. Tommy reminds us of this and,…

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  • 55:16

    Sportster Front End Installation Part 2

    We are moving right along with our Sportster Cafe Racer build. Before getting back into the front end, Tommy takes the time to install the powder coated regulator cover as well as the stock horn which has been relocated from the left side of the motorcycle to the front of the motorcycle. It was necessary…

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  • 13:32

    M8 Softail Rear Brake Pad Replacement

    It is important to inspect brake pads at every service interval or anytime you are checking tire condition or tire pressure. It is always helpful to have a flashlight available to get the most accurate view of the inner and outer brake pads and to see if you need to perform M8 Softail rear brake…

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  • 1:32

    Inspect and Lube Jiffy Stand

    Jiffy stand, side stand, kickstand; doesn’t matter what you call it. We are all talking about the same thing. It is important to take a couple of minutes to inspect and lubricate your kickstand at every service interval. Neglecting to do so can result in serious damage or even injury. Lubricate the jiffy stand assembly…

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  • 29:29

    SuperTrapp Exhaust Upgrade

    If you are chasing horsepower and torque numbers, the SuperTrapp 2:1 Fatshot Exhaust System is the exhaust system that you need to consider. This exhaust has a tunable external disc-based muffler and heat shields that provide complete coverage. As always, this SuperTrapp exhaust is made of high quality steel to make it durable and tough…

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  • What tools do you need to carry on a HD motorcycle?

    Travel Tool List

    What tools do you need to carry on a HD motorcycle? The wind in your face and the pavement screaming below your wheels. That’s what we want 24/7/365. Reality is we ride a mechanical beast that might need some tinkering with while we are out there exploring the great unknown. So, what tools do you…

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  • 1:53

    Check Operation of Electrical Equipment and Switches

    Simple but often overlooked. Check operation of electrical equipment and switches before you start to service your Harley Milwaukee Eight. Mike Roen walks you through these easy steps as required by your manual’s checklist. We know it sounds simple and it is. The reason you want to do this before service and every ride is…

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  • 10:15

    Inspect and Replace Front Harley Brake Fluid

    Next on our checklist is front Harley brake fluid inspection. The master cylinder reservoir top cap should be removed at every service interval for fluid inspection/fluid level inspection. In between services, you can simply make a quick inspection through the sight glass at the end of the master cylinder to verify correct Harley brake fluid…

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